Rp 1,00

exciter EXC30GT is simple to set up; very easy to configure thanks to the intuitive human interface equipped with an elegant LCD graphic display, a multifunction jog control and only a few other control buttons. the high flexibility of this exciter could be even increased through the use of important options like: telemetry/remote control systems, Ethernet connection with SNMP protocol, high quality stereo encoder, audio digital board in accordance with AES/EBU directive and RS232/485 serial port to enable an easier integration with other instruments. The modern and attractive design of our GT transmitter reflects the state of the art technology of this trustworthy model that requires a few maintenance and that allows to spare time and money.

N.B : the amplifier characterized by the code RFB needs and exciter like our EXC30GT as driver. The two apparatus linked together compose the so called combined transmitters characterized by the prefix code TX.