Pemancar FM 10kW Gcom FMT10kW

Pemancar FM 10kW Gcom FMT10kW
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Pemancar FM 10 kW
memakai 4 x FMB2500W
efficiency 70%
Broadband 87,5-108 Mhz 

This is an FM Transmitter 10kW capability, that is only working 8kW for Full service 24 hours.
At the moment we are using 15kW Combiner, while we are preparing our 10kW compact combiner. the Transmitter giving full Output 8kW on 103 Mhz.

this unit using 4 x FMB2500W
each standalone amplifier is working individually, that has individual protection for Forward, Reflect and Overheat. and the 4 Way combiner have balanced load for unequal power. so in this case the transmitter will working 24 hours. when 1 unit fail, the 3 unit will still be working. until 3 units fail, the last unit still be working. it is important for the broadcaster that doesn;t want any OFF time during the 24 hours broadcasting.