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  Beli KOALA

Koala is a MPX wide-band distributor, with RDS or SCA services summing control. Koala is a very versatile equipment, that can works both MPX distributor and MPX splitter and the policy commutation can be managed.
Koala is composed by two sections, and for each section a double MPX-RDS input is available that can be distribuited, splitted locally or buffered output. (sezioni MPX-1, MPX-2, MPX-3 e MPX-4)
There’s no jumper settings inside Koala: the wide front panel input/output range allows the user to set any kind of commutation policy, distribution, Mpx re-run and Mpx split.
The commutation command can be managed by GPo command via optocoupler port installed in Koala’s rear panel.